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Nursing home negligence: when a resident doesn't receive adequate medical, physical, or emotional attention.  Neglect poses risk of harm.

nursing home abuse in cleveland ohioAccording to the Ohio Department of Health, these are the definitions of Abuse / Negelect / Misappropriation:

“Abuse” means knowingly causing physical harm or recklessly causing serious physical harm to a resident by physical contact with the resident or by use of physical or chemical restraint, medication or isolation as punishment, for staff convenience, excessively, as a substitute for treatment or in amounts that preclude habilitation and treatment.

“Neglect” means recklessly failing to provide a resident with any treatment, care, goods or service necessary to maintain the health or safety of the resident when the failure results in serious physical harm to the resident.

“Misappropriation” means depriving, defrauding or otherwise obtaining the real or personal property of a resident by any means prohibited by the ORC, including violations of chapter 2911 or 2913 of the ORC.

In certain cases, neglect may escalate to physical or emotional abuse.

There are 148 nursing homes in the Cleveland area according to U.S. News & World Report.  The quality range from 5 star to 1 star.  If you are concerned about the care given to a loved one, please discuss the specifics with one of our attorneys.

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