Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Jefferson OH

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The definition of medical malpractice is when a patient is harmed by a medical professional that fails to perform their medical duties in a competent manner.

We are fortunate to have a great hospitals in Jefferson area including:

scales-of-justice-20Ashtabula Hospital

scales-of-justice-20Computer Hospital & Rehab

scales-of-justice-20Jefferson Healthcare Center

scales-of-justice-20UH Jefferson Primary Care

scales-of-justice-20ACMC Family Health Center

The rules about medical malpractice -- from when you must bring your lawsuit to whether you must notify the doctor ahead of time. 

These general requirements:
  • A doctor-patient relationship existed.
  • additional medical bills, and
  • The doctor was negligent.
  • The doctor's negligence caused the injury.
  • The injury led to specific damages.
  • physical painmental anguish
  • lost work and lost earning capacity.
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