Personal Injury

$ 100,000 - for a student who suffered a serious injury when his hand was impaled by a nail that was lodged in a door

$ 125,000 - for a facial scar on a child caused by a dog bite

$ 175,000 - Jury Verdict - for a man who suffered a ski boot fracture at a ski resort

$ 400,000 - settlement for facial scars resulting from a dog bite

Client Testimonials

Joe Gioffre is always there when we need him. I have called in a panic because of an accident and he calmly explains the situation and helps you through it. They go to battle for you. They know what they are doing. They genuinely care about their clients. These guys are not ambulance chasers at all - they are experts who will stand by your side and fight for you to get what you deserve. Thank you again for the outstanding service you've provided.

Mario A.
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