Custody issues can be hard to deal with, especially if you don’t have don’t have access to legal counsel. Finding an experienced child custody lawyer can be a challenge while trying to come to terms with the idea of your child being taken away from you.

Although hiring a custody lawyer to get custody rights for your child is not required by law, it may be necessary in particular situations. 

When to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer 

Man holding and hugging young girl with suitcase beside him and sad woman on the couchWhen in a custody battle, getting professional help from the right attorney who knows what they are doing can be life-changing. Let’s look at some circumstances where you might benefit significantly from hiring a lawyer to attain custody rights for your child.

When The Other Parent Hires a Lawyer

Child custody cases can take a longer time than you had expected. In this case, a child custody lawyer can assist you in determining what will happen next and whether you will be able to handle the situation. 

If the other parent of your child has hired a lawyer to get their parental rights, it could be challenging for you to represent yourself in the case. You will need to hire a lawyer in this case. 

Depending on your state, child custody laws can be highly complicated and lengthy. Every judge can apply these laws on their terms, and it can be hard for you to know what to present for your case. To protect yourself and your child, you’ll need a reasonable attorney who knows what they are doing will be crucial.

Your Child’s Safety or Health is At Risk

Your child’s safety is an important factor to consider.  Suppose the other parent of your child is threatening to cause physical harm to your child or has the potential to abuse or emotionally neglect your child. In that case, you should be able to clearly show this to the court to get the custody rights given to you.

Depending on how old your child is, the abuse they go through can have a lifelong impact on their well-being. Even as critical as causing damage that can’t be repaired. In this case, a lawyer with the expertise and know-how to win your case can be life-changing for both you and your child.

Silhouette figures of father, mother, and child in front of judge gavel

You Will Be Denied Custody or Visitation Rights If You Don’t Win The Case 

Neither parent can claim custody or visiting rights for their children until the orders are issued, and neither can claim superiority over the other. Lack of legal protection can be taken advantage of by the parent that will withhold their child and keep them away from the other.

If your child’s other parent lacks an ethical approach to come to terms with you while your custody case is still in process, hiring a child custody lawyer will help you put things in order. The sooner, the better, as a well-maintained process will save you and your child any possible tears and overwhelm.

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