If you have come to the decision to end your marriage, it can be difficult, but you may be wondering what your next steps are. Since divorce is a legal matter, you may be wondering if you need a divorce lawyer to help you through the process.  A divorce lawyer is certainly qualified to help you through this matter, but how do you know if you need one or when to call for a lawyer?

What Needs to be Worked Out?

The question of whether or not you need a lawyer for your divorce is completely up to you and your personal situation. If you had a mutual split with little bad feelings, you may be able to work things out on your own. However, things get tricky with added details, such as: Mediation between marriage, husband and wife during divorce process with male lawyer counselor and signing of divorce contract.

If you and your partner cannot agree on any of these details, you might benefit from a legal third party, such as a divorce lawyer. 

Know Your Rights

Mediation between marriage, husband and wife during divorce process with male lawyer counselor and signing of divorce contract.A divorce lawyer can help you understand your rights and what to expect from the legal process. Divorce laws vary from state to state in the U.S., so it is very beneficial to have a lawyer experienced with your local divorce laws. Alternatively, if you and/or your spouse live in different states, or a different state than you were married in, it may be beneficial to reach out to an attorney to fully understand your situation. 

What to Say (or Not Say)

We all know that your own words can be used against you in a court of law. As divorce can be a very intense, stressful situation, emotions can rise and foul words can be thrown around. However, what you say to your spouse can be used to sway a judge or make you seem a certain way. A lawyer can help you keep your cool and help you avoid saying things in the heat of anger that you might ultimately regret. 

When You Should Definitely Hire a Lawyer

Lawyer explaining to female client in blue shirtThere are some particular situations that are strongly recommended to get a divorce lawyer involved. 

If your spouse decides to hire a divorce lawyer, you should do the same. While it’s not impossible to represent yourself, you should be just as qualified as your spouse’s attorney if you hope for a fair deal. Otherwise, it’s best to hire a lawyer for yourself and your own representation. 

If there are any instances of violence or abuse of any kind, it is within your best interests to hire a lawyer to help you out. If any of these situations are going on, or have gone on in the past, it, at the very least, can create an imbalance in the relationship, making a clean separation nearly impossible. A hired attorney will help to protect your rights and find ways to keep you safe. 

Additionally, if your spouse begins to threaten any sort of violence, harm, destruction of property, or any other threats, you should hire a lawyer to help protect your rights. A lawyer can represent you by speaking on your behalf or being present in meetings for you. This will help relieve some of the stress you feel as you go through this legal process. 

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