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What options do you have when wrongfully denied coverage by your insurance company?

Eastlake Ohio residents can have an insurance advocate at G&S.

After wrongful denial, we have obtained coverage for clients in the following areas: liability coverage, life insurance coverage, health insurance coverage, and disability coverage. In addition, our firm has obtained millions of dollars in bad faith claims for their wrongful denial of coverage.  If you believe an insurance company is treating you unfairly contact us.

See our Verdicts and Settlements page for more information on our success against insurance companies.

Reasons for being denied life insurance:

scales of justice 20Overweight or Obese

scales of justice 20Elevated Liver Function

scales of justice 20Hazardous Occupation

scales of justice 20Your Driving Record

scales of justice 20Alcoholism

scales of justice 20Elevated Cholesterol, Lipids and Triglycerides

scales of justice 20Income Limitations

scales of justice 20 Others

Five Reasons Your Health Insurance Plan Will Deny Your Medical Claim

  1. You have non-covered charges
  2. A referral or pre-authorization was required
  3. There are minor transcription error
  4. You used an out-of-network provider
  5. The bill went to the wrong insurance company
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“Awesome law firm. Gioffre & Schroeder caters very well to their clients’ needs. I am very happy with the outcome of my case and their effort. Sound advice, great knowledge in regard to the topic at hand, and an expert company.  A great legal team.  I will call them every time.”

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