Most people in today’s day use a social media account of some kind, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and we are also finding that many automobile insurance companies are also using these same social media accounts. One of the main reasons these automobile insurance companies are doing this is to snoop and look into personal injury litigants.

Potential litigants should always be aware of the information they are sharing on social media platforms, including photographs, videos, posts, messages, etc., as not only are they often accessible to the general public, they are also accessible to any defense counsel and/or insurance adjuster who looks into those social media sites.

If you do post on social media and happen to have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, it is in your best interest to refrain from posting any information regarding any facts surrounding the accident, any of the injuries that happened from your accident, or anything regarding your theory about what happened to cause the accident. Most importantly, you should never post anything regarding your communication between you and your attorney.

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident, and have already posted photos, comments, messages, etc., about your pending claim or potential claim, you should not remove those until you consult with your attorney, even if you think it may harm your case. If the photos, comments, messages, etc., have already been seen by defense counsel and/or an insurance adjuster, then this could be seen as destroying potential evidence in a pending action.

If you have any questions or concerns about these issues, please feel free to discuss with us.